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Portfolio of Our Work


  • Not wasting anytime this Monday morning!

  • Finally got to play with the new blast booth today

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Powder Coating

  • Another late night. Flat black

  • Satin black

  • Satin black

  • Texture black

  • Another pretty rear end housing. Satin black

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Ceramic Coating

  • Ceramic coated exhaust

  • High temp silver powder. Before and after

  • Black velvet ceramic

  • The guys at A&S racing and Tyson racing know where to go to protect their turbo kit components. Black velvet ceramic pictured, good to 2000 degrees

  • Black ceramic.

  • The guys at pro stock inc know where to bring there pieces that need a coating to hold up to their high horsepower machines. Black velvet ceramic. Good to 2,000 degrees

  • High temp silver ceramic. Good to 2,000 degrees. *****LIKE AND SHARE*****

  • Black ceramic

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Before & After

  • This one was dropped off yesterday afternoon, he wants to be on the ice Sunday so we stayed late lastnight to make it happen.

  • Before/after. Standard silver

  • Teal metallic. Before and after

  • Low gloss black before/after

  • Rock sliders. Before/after

  • Before and after. Gloss black and orange

  • Before/after. Texture black

  • Before and after. Satin black

  • REMINDER: If all you need is sandblasting, we can help with that too. These wheels, in particular needed a very specific color paint so we blasted them so they could have the best surface possible to start with for painting.

  • I love a good transformation

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